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Former Republican operative with white nationalist ties publishing op-eds in WSJ

June 21, 2019

Posted by Erica Thompson

Marcus Epstein

Former Republican operative Marcus Epstein, who worked for ex-congressman Tom Tancredo and has clear ties to white nationalist organizations, has written more than a dozen op-ed pieces for the Wall Street Journal, the Hill, Forbes, US News and World Report, and the National Review over the past two years.

Published under the byline “Mark Epstein,” the pieces were primarily focused on the regulation of the tech industry.

From BuzzFeed News: “In six different pieces for the Journal, Epstein is identified as an ‘antitrust attorney and freelance writer’ and addresses topics including the supposed threat to conservative speech posed by Google and Facebook, and the ways regulation and antitrust might be used to ensure “viewpoint neutrality” and consumer protection, respectively. They make no mention of his past, which includes contributions to the white nationalist site VDare and charges that he assaulted a black woman, after racially abusing her, in 2007. (In 2008 in District of Columbia Superior Court, Epstein entered an Alford plea — a plea in which the defendant accepts the consequences of a guilty verdict without admitting guilt — after which the charges were dropped.)”


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