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Former business journalist, now attending culinary school

April 12, 2009

In the history of business journalism, Nicholas Rummell will go down as a brief blip that few will notice. He was laid off from Financial Week in December when it decided to go to a Web-only publication.

We all know how that ended. Crain closed the Web site last month. But Rummell, a University of Missouri J-School grad, lives on. He has started a blog where he’s writing about his transformation from the corporate finance beat to creating sauces in culinary school.

Rummell writes, “I’ll get right down to it. This is a blog meant for gourmets, gourmands and people who enjoy relishing in the degradation and suffering of others. As in, my decision to cut free of a cushy white-collar job and enter the sweaty, stinking realm of Gehenna, also known as the culinary world.

“OK, when I say cut free, I’m lying. The truth is that I was shitcanned in December 2008 from a great weekly newspaper, after it won a number of awards but kept losing advertising revenue; all the amazing employees at the publication were laid off. Upon my termination, I decided to forgo sending out any resumes to other pubs and instead attend culinary school. My resolve was so strong that I told my editor I’d rather wash dishes than write about complex corporate investments anymore. And so I shall.

“So now I’m attending the Institute of Culinary Education in downtown Manhattan. My intention with this blog is to hopefully shed some light on the screwed up world of cooking, as well as talk food in a (hopefully) funny and (probably) snarky way.”

Read more here. It’s pretty funny.

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