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Forbes.com launches new home page

June 28, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Forbes.com unveiled its new home page on Thursday.

Lewis Dvorkin, chief product officer, writes, “It’s based on a core belief that there are three vital voices in the media business, each with a distinct agenda: journalists and other knowledgeable content creators; the audience, which includes news enthusiasts with specific needs and expertise; and marketers, many who are fast becoming publishers, too. These groups want — in fact, deserve — to be heard. They want to be participants and decision makers in a credible news environment. Our new home page sits atop a platform designed to make that possible, always with complete transparency and clear labeling.

“On our new home page, each constituency — and the larger social view — is represented in one of four equal modules, or as we call them, stacks:

“1. The journalistic agenda: FORBES is a brand that has meaning. We’re about free enterprise, entrepreneurial capitalism, smart investing and the rewards that come with hard work. We’re about aspiration and success. That’s the prism through which our staff reporters and expert contributors now publish 500 posts a day. Our experienced editorial team uses that same filter to pick the most timely, most relevant and most important items (in their view) for home page promotion. We’ve developed three different treatments for the editorial stack: a more traditional presentation with a lead photo promotion and 6 additional story links, a bold single photo-enhanced story, and two photo-enhanced stories. Using the best tools in the news business, an editor can program each stack in 60 seconds or less.”

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