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Flight attendant to business journalist

March 19, 2009

Kristiana Heap of D CEO magazine profiles Fox Business Network‘s Cheryl Casone, a Dallas native who worked as a Southwest Airlines stewardess right out of college before turning to journalism.

Heap writes, “After working as a flight attendant, she felt the call of the small screen and decided to put her communications degree from Northern Arizona University to work. She headed to San Francisco, where she was offered a job as a business reporter. ‘I knew the market, so it was an easy fit for me,’ Casone says. That time in the jump seat paid off and, after seven years on the West Coast, she moved to New York and broke into cable news.

“Following gigs at MSNBC, CBS, and CNN, Casone landed at Fox News Channel and went on to join the fledgling Fox Business Network as an anchor in 2007.  If you’ve never watched Fox Business (in North Texas it’s Channel 228 on Time Warner Cable), the format is a little more casual than other business programming. ‘Other business networks tend to talk in elitist terms, and kind of talk down to their audience,’ Casone says. ‘Why not just give people advice they need in a sensible way?’

“Fox Business is broadcast in nearly 50 million homes across the U.S., so Casone is becoming a familiar face. ‘People are watching Fox Business,’ says Casone, who visits Dallas every few months. ‘My brother is an investment adviser, and people will ask him, ‘Is that your sister?””Â

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