"Firing" employees vs. "eliminating" them

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  1. asl says:

    Agree with you on this. GET OVER IT. I’ve had numerous companies complain about the word ‘fire’, when they tried any number of euphanisms: ‘eliminate’ `workforce reduction’ `downsize’ ’employee rationalization.’
    Hey, i even argued that Delta’s ‘furloughed’ pilots — many of whom were never ‘reinstated’ were fired.
    Bottom line is, when you go into work one day and summarily told you’re not getting a check the next day, you’ve been fired.

  1. November 3, 2006

    […] This morning, I’m a little disappointed in it. This post is fairly shocking: No matter how a company lets go of its workers, whether they are part of an “eliminationâ€? or a “reduction in forceâ€? or a “rightsizingâ€? or a “downsizingâ€? or any of the other euphemisms and corporate speak that companies use to make what they’ve done sound better, it’s still a firing or a “termination.â€? […]

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