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FinLedger ME Azevedo talks its strategy

October 26, 2020

Posted by Chris Roush

Sarthak Haribhakti spoke with Mary Ann Azevedo, managing editor of FinLedger, about its strategy.

Here is an excerpt:

As a managing editor, what is your vision for this outlet? What sort of audience are you hoping to build?

Mary : Someone I interviewed recently said to me: “Today, fintech is all the rage.” And while I agree with that sentiment, I would argue that what’s happening in fintech today goes way beyond any fleeting trend. Fintech’s momentum has been gradually building in recent years and was accelerated (in a big way) by the COVID-19 pandemic. HW Media CEO and FinLedger founder Clayton Collins is a former banker who had a vision for a B2B-focused fintech publication for about a year before making it a reality this past August. As managing editor, my vision is to build a publication that is covering all the big news in B2B fintech while uncovering the less obvious happenings in the space that are also super important. We are interested in covering what the incumbents are doing and how they are partnering with, competing with, investing in, and acquiring startups as well as how those startups are raising money and working to partner with, compete and in some cases, get acquired by the incumbents.

I have been a business journalist for most of my 26-year career, and what I find most interesting about companies and technologies they develop is the people behind them. That’s why I guess it should be no surprise that our stories that are very people-centric tend to perform especially well. Cool companies and technologies are fun to read about but sometimes what’s even more interesting is hearing the stories of the people who created them. What led to them doing so. What problem(s) they were trying to solve. How they grew their company.

As for the audience, we want to reach the financial services and fintech professional – serving and engaging with readers at big banks, insurance companies and challengers and startups trying to change the game. We believe all will have an interest in the content we create (and aggregate in our daily newsletter). Our main focus is on the banking, payments, proptech and insurtech spaces. But we’re also looking at tangential sectors such as cybersecurity, big data and regtech so we’re spanning a broad range of industries in our coverage.

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