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Fake Steve Jobs returns

June 22, 2009

Jane Wells of CNBC reports that Newsweek’s Dan Lyons has resumed writing his “Fake Steve Jobs” blog in the past week, shortly before news broke that the Apple CEO had a liver transplant in Tennessee.

Lyons had killed the blog last year.

Wells writes, “By Saturday, news of the transplant was out, and Fake Steve left another short note in his diary: ‘Pogue’s liver kicks a**. Namaste, David. I owe you one.’

“Yesterday Fake Steve submitted his first long post, clarifying that he actually only took half of David Pogue’s liver. Pogue is the technology reporter for the New York Times who also appears on CNBC, and Fake Steve writes that Pogue ‘wanted me to have the whole (liver). But I was like, David, seriously, I only need half of it, and he was like, ‘Seriously, man, after all you’ve done for me…’ FSJ even goes on to claim Pogue wanted him to take a kidney, though Fake Steve doesn’t need a kidney. ‘And he was like, ‘Just keep it as a backup. Have it frozen or something.’’ Finally, Fake Steve exhibits the ego fans have missed. ‘Truth is, Pogue wasn’t kidding when he said he owes me…Also, I have to tell you, the guy’s liver is friggig primo. Very, very low mileage. Much better than the stuff you get waiting on some list.’

“Good to see FSJ hasn’t lost his bite.

“Comments on his return, however, are mixed. While most are thrilled (‘Welcome home, FSJ. Glad you didn’t go into the light’), not everyone’s amused. One reader commented: ‘This is as tasteless and inappropriate as I remember all your writings over the years, Dan. And I remember a long way back. Loser. I hope if you ever have a life threatening illness you don’t have to read some jacka$$ making fun of you on a blog. Grow up.’ That one was signed ‘Dave’ (as in Pogue? Kidding…).”

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