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Ex-Fox Business anchor claims anti-business bias in media

September 15, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Dennis Kneale, a former anchor at Fox Business Network, claims there is currently an anti-business bias in the media in an interview with Dean Rotbart of NewsBios.com.

Rotbart writes, “Kneale, in his NewsBios.com interview, contended that the anti-business media agenda ‘is prosecuted every day on the front page of The New York Times, far more nakedly now than ever before.’ One topic in particular that rankles Kneale is the Times’ pursuit of companies that are taking action to reduce their corporate tax bills.

“‘Look at the way the media is covering these inversion deals where a U.S. company buys a foreign company to move offshore,’ Kneale said. ‘We’ve got the Obama Administration saying we have to block this. What is this? The era of Mussolini? Are we going to force companies to stay in the U.S. against their will? How about we attack the tax code? How about we lower the highest corporate tax rates in the entire developed world? Maybe that’s a way to keep more companies at home and stop them from doing inversions.’

“Kneale continues: ‘I have never seen the American press be more anti-wealth creation, anti-capitalist, anti-business, than it is today,’ adding, ‘I am scandalized by it, and I can’t believe it.’

“Kneale advises corporations not to remain silent or timid in the face of such media bias. The solution, he advises, is for companies to counterpunch by changing the public narrative. ‘You have to do more to be proactive in telling a better story than the one the media is trying to tell,’ he said.”

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