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Don't ask to meet Maria

December 2, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Peter Schacknow, a senior producer at CNBC, writes on The Shack Attack blog that he frequently encounters the same questions from people he meets, so he’s got a prepared list of responses.

Here are a few:

Peter Shacknow1. In answer to the oft-asked question, yes, I do know all the hot female anchors who work at CNBC and no, I’m not going to introduce you to them. They’re very happy to have that TV screen between you and them!

4. When stocks go down, I’ve noticed over the years that people like to chase me down the hall and say “What are you doing to me???” (That’s why I ran the equivalent of 45 marathons following the bursting of the internet bubble.) I use the Bart Simpson defense on this one: “I didn’t do it.” I may write it, but I didn’t cause it. Hey, if you’re not going to give me credit when they go up, why should I take the blame when they fall?

6. TV and radio broadcasters actually DO write some of what you hear them say. (When I was a morning radio anchor, some people were actually shocked to hear that I didn’t just show up two minutes before airtime and read.)

Read the others here.

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