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Dealbook of NY Times to focus more on business/policy intersection

November 9, 2017

Posted by Chris Roush

Andrew Ross Sorkin
Andrew Ross Sorkin

Andrew Ross Sorkin, the founder of the Dealbook business news site on The New York Times, talked Thursday morning on CNBC about how it’s changing its coverage focus.

Sorkin said:

“I should also mention that Dealbook is relaunching and being reimagined today, the newsletter and the site being reframed really around the cross currents between business and policy in a way that we haven’t done before, so that’s an exciting piece of news.

“When I started the email back in 2001 I used to send it out to bankers and lawyers, and it was a deal sheet. That’s what the world was talking about and as you know and the conversations we have on Squawk every morning- business has become so interlinked with policy and so really the idea is to bring a broader frame to it.

“We’re going to cover deals as much as we ever have but to really sort of widen the frame a bit and so that’s what we’re doing. We’ve redesigned the logo and done some other hopefully clever things and we hope if you’re not a subscriber already you can go out and check it out.”

The Times recently hired Stephen Grocer from The Wall Street Journal to be the editor of Dealbook.

Dealbook is The Times’s business news platform for C-level decision-makers, policy officials and everyone who intersects with them. It was started in October 2001 as an email newsletter by Sorkin, who now also appears on CNBC.

Dealbook went online in 2005, and a Dealbook page began appearing in the print edition of The Times in 2010.

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