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Dallas biz magazine launches health care biz news site

July 23, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

D CEO business magazine in Dallas has launched a new site called D Healthcare Daily that covers the area’s health care industry.

Christine Perez, the managing editor of D CEO, explains the rationale behind the new site in an email to Talking Biz News:

After the success of RealPoints, a commercial real estate news site we launched last year, we began looking at other industries to cover. Health care was an obvious choice. The sector adds $52 billion to the regional economy annually and supports more than 600,000 local jobs. What’s more, the industry is experiencing unprecedented change. We also felt it wasn’t getting the local media attention it deserved, with the two local dailies both laying off their health care reporters in the last year or so.

We found an ideal editor in Steve Jacob, a freelance writer who spent 13 years as a publisher for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,where his health care columns were distributed nationally by McClatchy Tribune News Service. Steve serves as an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Texas School of Public Health and has three master’s degrees: in journalism, business administration, and health policy and management. He also is the author of “Healthcare in 2020: Where Uncertain Reform, Bad Habits, Too Few Doctors, and Skyrocketing Costs are Taking Us.”

Steve is being supported by the editorial team at D CEO magazine.

D Healthcare Daily also features a growing number of contributing editors — industry thought leaders who provide on-the-ground perspectives and insights. (We have about 35 contributing editors on board now. I expect that we’ll ultimately have 60 to 80, as the industry is so deep and broad, and because many of these busy experts will write only once every 12 or 16 weeks.)

The contributing editor modelis one that has been used with much success at RealPoints, and it fits with our mission of supporting and strengthening relationships within specific business clusters. These bloggers were selected and invited to participate by D CEO editors. As with RealPoints, we looked for people who are informed, respected, and opinionated, and who represent a variety of fields within the industry.

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