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Dallas Business Journal in tiff with game studio

February 14, 2008

Posted by Chris Roush

The Dallas Business Journal and the game studio 3D Realms are apparently in a battle about a story the paper published about the release of a new video game, and it’s got the game sites all in a tizzy.

Dallas Business JournalChris Scott Barr on Slash Gear writes, “The short story is that the Dallas Business Journal published some info that 3D Realms intended to be ‘off the record.’ This obviously upset the folks over at 3D realms, and some harsh words were said. Now the DBJ has released an audio clip of the conversation, the exchange is question is below. Webster is from the DBJ, while Scott Miller is from 3D Realms.

Webster: Ideally, we’d like to spotlight some of the projects coming out in 2008: Ghostbusters, Rage, Borderlands, and maybe it’s just hopeful on my part, Duke Forever. Of course, you don’t have to tell me when it’s coming out. I know how…

Miller: It might make this year. We can’t make any sort of official announcement. We’re pushing for this year. Frankly, I think we’re going to miss it by just a by a few months, but it’s definitely an internal push.

Webster: That’s good to hear.

“As someone that’s had their fair share of dealings with game studios, I would have known immediately that this was not something that should have been published.”

Read more here. I don’t see where the information was intended to be off the record, or that it shouldn’t have been published. Here’s another take on the issue.

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