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Cut stock listings at your own peril

September 8, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Research posted on the Editor & Publisher web site on Friday shows that newspapers that have cut stock listings risk missing key readers.

stock listingsThe research from Survival and Growth Enterprises stated, “The encouraging finding for newspapers in the light of doom and gloom reports about newspaper declining circulation, is that while 55 percent say they follow prices on the Internet, a hefty 44 percent report they look for stock prices in the newspaper.

“Other media are mentioned as sources of news on stock prices with sharply lower frequency: television (28 percent) and radio (2 percent).

“Not so encouraging for newspapers, consumers name the Internet (46 percent) more than twice as frequently as they name newspapers (19 percent) as the place they look most often for stock prices.

“Newspapers not fighting to retain their audience of investors by restricting their reporting of stock prices are blowing off a segment of the consumer population that their advertisers would die for.”

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