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Critical of Stossel's first show

December 13, 2009

Horward Kurtz of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” and David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun were critical of the first episode of John Stossel‘s new show, which aired Thursday, on the Fox Business Network.

Here is an excerpt of the Sunday transcript of “Reliable Sources”:

KURTZ: David Zurawik, does this continue a trend of partisan people going to partisan networks and putting them on partisan shows.

ZURAWIK: You know, I interviewed Stossel and I liked him. He was very frank about this, and he says he’s doing a Libertarian show. I think it’s fine, especially for the Fox Business Network.

You know, it’s fascinating. When I asked him if he felt more comfortable being over at Fox and if other people shared his view, he positioned himself as saying that Bill O’Reilly had too many “big government parts” for him. And I thought, man, this guy is hard core if Bill O’Reilly is too government.

KURTZ: My only problem with that first program is that he basically had one guest for three-quarters of the show, a guy from the Libertarian Cato Institute who is also very skeptical of global warming. And so, except from the studio audience, you didn’t hear a lot of contrary voices.

Read the entire transcript here.

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