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Cramer explains method to madness

September 8, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Tom Petruno of The Los Angeles Times talked to “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer during his visit to the area to make an appearance on the USC campus and came away with an explanation to how he operates his CNBC show.

Jim CramerHere is an excerpt from the Q&A interview:

Given the sheer number of stocks you suggest either buying or selling in any given show, do you worry that you’re encouraging people to trade in and out, even though all the research says the vast majority of investors won’t make money as active traders?

Let’s just say I struggle with it. . . . In Year 1 I was much more oriented toward “stock of the day.” And I didn’t like that. In Year 2 I went away from that. In Year 3, this year, I’m trying to say, listen, there are broader themes, there are broader sectors, you can try to pick the best of breed in the sector.

I go back to the fundamental idea that stocks can be interesting. And therefore if you’re interested, you will be better off than if you just let the broker handle you. You’ll be a better client and a better investor.

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