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Competition for TV business news viewers

October 11, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Paul Kangas, who is the anchor for PBS’ “Nightly Business Report,” talks to Diego Vasquez of Media Life magazine about what the launch of Fox Business Network will mean to television business news.

Here is an excerpt:

Paul KangasIs it possible for the two networks, along with Bloomberg, to coexist, each successfully finding their niche?

I suppose. We found our niche and we’ve held onto it, and it’s because we’re giving the audience what they want: concise, capsulated reports on all the business news of the day. And they don’t have to sit through hours of commercials.

We’ve had a lot of these business battleships against us, but we’re still afloat and doing fine. But don’t tell them how we’ve done it. That’s our secret [laughs].

How much do you expect FBN to leverage its relationship with the Wall Street Journal? How important is that venerable name to a new news venture?

I think there’ll be plenty of cooperation, but my basic concern is not how they do, but how we stand up against them. In the past, it’s not taken its toll on us at all, but that’s what I’ll be watching

I don’t think they’ll be head and shoulders above everybody else. They’ll find their way, stepping lightly here, stepping lightly there.

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