CNBC's Ted David moving to radio

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  1. Ted David says:

    While I will still be doing some TV, I am delighted to be returning to my first love, radio, but this time not as a DJ but as a business news anchor.

    I have been doing daily midday hits for WCBS in NY and Westwood One, but this allows me to establish a routine and be there for morning and afternoon drive… as the market opens and as it closes.

    And working on ISDN allows me some great mobility. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to do my radio work from my next home: Charlotte, NC! Becoming a Carolinian is just a matter of time!


  2. Richard Ferguson says:

    I wish you every success in your new venture. I watch CNBC at some time every day and yours is one of the well kent faces. Once again all the best. RF.(A Canadian Scot).

  3. j p bourne says:

    Ted, Gonna miss you on the show.I liked your style . At least now you can wear your reading glasses and nobody will know—Crossing 50 years old is interesting…Bet you will miss Liz !


  4. JACK T says:



    JACK T

  5. Norman R. Miller says:

    I don’t believe this was as simple as was made out. I imagine that CNBC couldn’t tolerate a professikonal who sometimes felt compelled to cut throuigh the fog and who didn’t care much for an editorial line. Maybe his little dust up with Liz Claimin (sp?) had something to do with us.

    Well its our (those of us who admired his style) loss first of all. In the longer term, it will be CNBC’s loss – in my opinion.

  6. Bill says:

    Good luck Ted. You were the only one who came up to me to say goodbye when I was fired in 1996.

    But you were really more than just a class act at CNBC- you were really the heart & soul of that station.

    Thanks again-

    – Not a disgruntled former employee.

  7. Bob f says:

    We will miss you ted!! You will be able to do a lot more fishing now!! Don’t mess with Liz!!

  8. Amelia says:

    Morning Call and my mornings are not the same without you on the show. Although I miss your style and humor, I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

  9. Bill K in Chelan says:

    You were the sole reporter on CNBC. Objective, fair and mature. Everyone else is trying to push a case or make the news. You reported the financial news honestly as it happened.
    CNBC has lost me because of your leaving.

    Bill in Chelan

  10. mark obenour says:

    i enjoyed watching ted for years, he probably is going to do a vegas act with his uncle g.hamilton!

  11. Barry Reinhard says:

    Dear Ted,
    It was good to see you back this morning. They cannot replace you, no matter who they throw in there. I miss your witty commentary- maybe it’s because we are the same age. Kindest Regards, Barry

  12. Norma says:

    Ted – Finally you are on morning call and then the president comes on. Well, I didn’t know all about the plans about moving. I would still like for you to be on cnbc. I have enjoyed all the programs that youhave been on. pecorky

  13. Bob f says:

    Ted You are back on “morning call”. Good Luck!! Watch out for Liz. She has fangs. A word to the wise etc. etc….

  14. barry jaffe says:

    Can’t believe you were relegated to radio. What is wrong with your management?

  15. Vern Craig says:

    What a loss to the class that CNBC used to enjoy. Ted was one professional who could find the true views in interviews and made the audience feel like someone honest was there for them with a flair of personality. The wizards of management obviously prefers MTV type digital graphic whizbangs, with an empty drone of the last few pros still there trying to maintain some sense of decorum…. in hundredths of a second yet…. what’s next? noserings for Haines? Good night and good luck.

  16. Ines Lu says:

    Hi Ted,

    Every night we watch CNBC and enjoy the show by Liz and you from Shanghai, China. It’s because of Liz and you that we stick to CNBC.

    We will be missing you. Anyway, wish you all the best in the new position.

    Hope you can visit Shanghai some day – Maybe you have been here before. :)


  17. Robert M. Pollock says:

    Ted, CNBC is just not the same with you being gone! I think it is a terrible loss. Haven’t seen Liz either..My mornings are kinda boring now..Good luck to you.

  18. Larry Dorf says:

    Wishing you the best in your new venture, but really miss your insight and the way you were so cordial to your fellow associates. You knowledge and experience was a real plus to the CNBC network.

  19. Ralph Cox says:

    I knew there was something I liked about you, now that I know you’re from Charlotte I know what it was.

    Ralph Cox
    High Point, NC

  20. Bob Belin says:


    Best of luck – you are a class act – miss your quality commentary and wit – Bob

  21. Linda Rutherford says:

    I miss you! I’m a housewife that invests my husband’s retirement money. I enjoyed your pleasant, relaxed style on TV.

  22. Ted David says:

    Thanks to all for your most kind and very generous comments!

    Now somebody hook me up with WBT, WSOC or WCNC, will ya? :-)


  23. Judy Gj says:

    Dear Ted,

    We have missed seeing you on CNBC. You are a real class act!
    I’m happy to hear that you are going on to happy new pursuits.
    I was so worried you were ill, this is a wonderful relief.
    Good luck, God Bless, Judy Gj

  24. Stan B. says:


    Best of Luck my friend . . . as your contemporary in age I have always appreciated your perspective and humor on CNBC . . . a toast to you Ted in your return to radio . . . Stan B

  25. Jim Bryan says:

    Ted: I don’t watch cnbc much anymore. I didn’t realize how much I depended upon your honest, forthright and, at times, humorous approach. You are a class act. They haven’t recovered.

    Best of luck to you.

    Jim Bryan

  26. Mahlon says:

    Ted —

    As a trader that works from home, the you are like a office co-worker (yes, I’m a pathetically lonely guy) — I wish you all the best much success!!!


  27. Sly E Edwards says:

    I was cooking dinner then i realized, that i have not seen you on CNBC in awhile and i really thought you were on vacation or something, so i typed in the search box “where is Ted David of CNBC?” and it took me here. Wow, never knew, Good luck to you guy.

  28. Tom Benson says:

    Was wondering what happened to you on CNBC. I had not seen you in a while and missed you on the air. Did a search and this came up explaining your move to radio. Don’t like it at all and hope that you come back to TV as it was you who got me interested in watching the financial shows. Loved your sense of humor and wit. Please don’t change! Wish you the best of luck but really hope you come back to TV soon. For my selfish reasons.

  29. Tom Mitchell says:

    Ted, I miss your repartee with Liz Claiman and your bantering with ‘the Frau,” Syvia Wadwha, in Frankfurt and your fractuerd attempts German. Best wishes on the radio! :smile:

  30. HR cunitz says:

    Dear Ted, I really miss your presence on CNBC.
    Your wonderful sense of humor and business insights
    proved on a daily basis how information and entertainment
    can take place with wit and intelligence.

    Best of luck!

  31. Bill Mac says:

    You were the only one on cnbc with any real class and it is really strange how these so called executives minds work.Prehaps it was because you didn`t go along with party line of buy, buy, buy,But you did make a comment on aol in 1998 that ultimately got me to thinking and i ended up making about $10,000 on it .Thanks for that and the pleasure of watching over the years. Good Luck.

  32. Ted David says:

    I continue to be humbled by your kind comments. I have shared them with Liz… meanwhile the radio thing is going well and the Dow managed to hit 12k without me there to cheer it on or wear a special hat!


  33. David S. says:

    This is only one of the many reasons why NBC has fallen to where it is. To take a competent and personable employee and move him to radio is an idiotic decision. The person (s) who made this decision should be fired!
    Good Luck Ted.

  34. Roy Hall says:

    Ted, miss your professionalism topped off by a good sense of humor.
    I wrote a criticism to you some time ago and much to my surprisse received a well thought out, prompt reply. Reporting needs more folks like you. Good Luck

  35. paul says:

    Ted-smart move going to NC. The southeast is seeing tremendous growth and North Carolina is leading the pack. With its mild winters,
    affordable housing, great schools, low crime and an abundancy of jobs who wouldn’t want to live here. Take a look at Cary, it ranks in the top 5 in just about every national ranking imaginable. Look at the license plates down here—every other one is either NY or NJ “the cats out of the bag” lol

    Good Luck Ted

    Hope you come back to TV–It’s just not the same anymore.

  36. Alan Gray says:

    Ted, you are sorely missed. Replacing you is insult to the intelligence of at this least viewer. Many of us have come to admire your talent and professional standards delivered year in and year out. Replacing a talent of your stature with another pretty skirt or was an awful decision. Always the best to you, Alan.

  37. jim says:

    ted I miss your wit add concise informative dialog. The show does no longer have the balance you brought to program. I wish you the best success and happiness. come back to TV.

  38. Mary says:

    Ted – you are truly missed; I really liked your style of interviewing the guests and getting to the point! Morning Call isn’t the same without you.


  39. DP says:

    best of luck leatherface. Atleast we no longer have to watch you glow on cnbc.

  40. Jim Hoggatt says:

    :sad::sad::sad:We miss you, big time. Dylan just doesn’t cut the mustard

  41. Rob says:

    The new CNBC doesn’t hold a candle. As others have said, we miss your professionalism and wit. Amen on Dylan.

  42. GARY RUPERT says:



  43. Tom Anderson says:

    I hope your new venture is working out to your satisfaction.
    I miss your ability to put the day’s news in context. It was obvious you had a better understanding of markets, trading, and how news impacted them than most. You didn’t feel the need to interrupt guests to make YOUR point known. Good luck!

  44. Bernard Radin says:

    I miss seeing you on CNBC. good luck to you

  45. Robert Emerson Matson says:

    It has been almost a year since your departure. I really wish CNBC would put you back on TV.

  46. Rod Hyde says:

    I miss the old Morning Call team – What ever happened to Joe (and what was his last name) and where has Liz Claman gone?

  47. mary egan says:

    Maybe we’ll see you on the new Fox business program? Hope so!

  48. Jeanne M. says:

    I really miss you on cnbc. They have really lost the luster of the show. I really feel we lack knowledge now with all the good ones gone and these young 20 something girls that sound like cheerleaders. That’s real hard to swallow on a down 280 day. Anyway, it’s a shame the suits don’t understand and listen to what the PEOPLE really enjoy. Miss you lots Ted.:roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll::roll:

  49. Ted David says:

    Many thanks for your support. The 280 point down days routinely now are countered by 280 point up days, so try to get used to the volatility. There’s plenty of it on the horizon!

    It’s nice to know I am missed on TV, but of course I am heard daily on the radio. Hope to catch you there one day!



  50. Marc Parramore says:

    Ted David…..
    I have just returned from working in Japan and have wondered why you are not on CNBC TV. What ever the reason, it is a mistake. There are mostly cute girls and men that talk over each other now and it stinks. You were always the only one who called things as you saw them and I enjoyed that.
    CNBC-TV is not the same without you. Hope you come back.
    See you on the radio.

  51. Gary Conrad says:

    Hey Ted:

    If you have stress when you move to Charlotte, kindly advise and I’ll teach you self hypnosis.

    We miss you on TV!

    Ex-Jersey Guy,
    Gary Conrad
    Columbia, SC

  52. Mike says:

    Ted, Are you going over to FBN? I hope so! I miss seeing you everyday. Whatever you are doing, radio or tv, You are the best!

  53. Ruth C. says:

    Ted, I still remember and miss seeing you on cnbc. The rapport
    you and Sylvia (?), the woman who reported from Germany, still
    makes me smile…

  54. Ted David says:

    You are very kind! I loved talking to Sylvia. She was as market savvy as she was good humored. I miss her too!

    Thanks for the kind post!


  55. Norman R. Miller says:

    Well, I left a message (No. 5, 2-11-06) and i gotta say that i haven’t changd my mind one little iota. I wish the current bunch of CNBC talkers understood that they don’t have to scream in order to make people listen to them. Or, maybe if they really don’t have anything to say, they do. I still fantassizwe about your return

  56. Don Skei says:

    Hi Ted !
    Hope you check this site from time to time.
    I will never forget the time that the mike was still on when you mentioned wearing your “shitkickers” over the weekend!
    Never laughed so hard, at least while watching CNBC.

  57. Esther Rech says:

    Ted, Where can we hear you or see you? You are really missed. You are definitely a class act. Sincerely, Esther Rech

  58. Bob Stinson says:

    Ted, Like all the other comments, I admire your sense of humor and pure enjoyment of life.

    I live in Greensboro, NC, about two hours from Charlotte. I taught at East Mecklenburg High in Charlotte more than 50 years ago. Come to Greensboro, smaller and less hectic.

  59. Laurie Lipman says:

    I miss you Ted….you and Joe K. were the show at CNBC

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