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CNBC’s ratings fall to 21-year low

September 6, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Kenneth Schortgen Jr. of Examiner.com writes about CNBC hitting a 21-year low in terms of ratings.

Schortgen writes, “On Sept. 5, an interesting dichotomy took place for the once popular business channel CNBC as viewership of the business programming fell to a 21 year low. And on the same day that CNBC’s ratings fell to their lowest level since Bill Clinton was in the Oval Office, a common man off the street astounded the network’s so-called business commentators by predicting today’s August new job number, which was more than 60,000 less than the predictions made by analysts from Wall Street who get paid six figure salaries to accurately forecast economic data.

“CNBC is not the only major business network or program experiencing stagnation, or declines. Both Fox Business and Bloomberg News have seen a drop in viewership and subscriptions, with the latter network having to layoff 100 employees in late 2013. And although neither network is in the same league as CNBC when it comes to viewership and revenues, the fact that viewers leaving CNBC are for the most part not moving to either Fox Business or Bloomberg News is a testament to the fact that the majority of viewers believe Wall Street doesn’t get it, and that they can find more accurate reporting from alternative media sites like Russia Today, Zerohedge, or Examiner.com.”

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