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CNBC's pre-recorded schedule for Presidents' Day

January 28, 2010

Kevin Coy of News on News reports that business news channel CNBC has put together a schedule for Presidents’ Day next month full of pre-recorded shows — and live shows with nothing to do with business — on a day when business news is likely to occur.

Coy writes, “With the exception of two live programmes, one at 4 am ET, and the other at 9 pm ET, CNBC’s schedule for Presidents’ Day on Monday 15th February is filled with documentary and biography repeats.

“This despite the European markets being open, and programming being available from the European version of CNBC, will provide Fox Business with yet another opportunity to embarrass the leading business network, by broadcasting live programming.

“Fox Business have previous in this area too, tending to broadcast live financial phone-ins, and provide updates on the European markets.

“CNBC have picked up an odd set of rights for Presidents’ Day however, broadcasting 2 hours of live coverage of the 134th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.”

Read more here. Pictured is an ad Fox Business ran in the past when CNBC closed up shop for a holiday.

DISCLOSURE: Talking Biz News has a content sharing arrangement with News on News.

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