CNBC ratings continue to slide

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  1. Bill Brown says:

    I would argue that, to a degree, CNBC’s 2010 numbers were “juiced” by lingering high interest by individual investors in it’s real time broadcast as the stock markets continued their recovery from the depths of 2008.

    That theory on the table, it doesn’t explain the collapse in the lunchtime hour and “Money Honey” block of 3-5PM. If I’m home, I’d rather watch Bloomberg, and at the office, I’m more likely to stream it’s radio broadcast in the background. It is much more aligned with “real business” matters, instead of attempting to explain every tick up or down, and less likely to give the soapbox platform over to a (self-serving) CEO or analyst for soundbyte-laden, softball friendly Q & A’s.

    What were the ratings for January of Jim Cramer’s shout-a-thon, with it’s nauseating pacing around the stage filmed with the shoulder-toting cameraman?

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