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CNBC needs real-time streaming on the Web

June 5, 2008

Peter Kafka of Silicon Alley Insider argues that business news cable network CNBC isn’t doing itself any favors by delaying the time when it puts video of its interviews and shows on its Web site.

CNBCKafka writes, “By not getting its live video stream up on the Web, CNBC is doing its best to ensure that its most valuable asset — real time news and interviews — doesn’t get to a wide swath of people who’d be interested in consuming it.

“We know that simultaneous webcasting isn’t an easy thing for the network to pull off, even if it wanted to — its pacts with the cable guys make this a non-starter, for now — but we suspect that CNBC doesn’t want to, either: If it’s like every other network, it’s concerned about cannibalizing TV revenue with lower-value Web ads. So instead CNBC shows its Web viewers Web video that isn’t valuable: Old interviews, or b-list material that’s not good enough to get on the air in the first place.

“But someday, sooner than later, someone’s going to figure out how to make smart, compelling real-time business news on the Web. And if CNBC isn’t the one who figures out how to do it, it’s going to wish it did.”

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