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CNBC made a mistake by ignoring election

November 7, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Jeff Reeves, editor of InvestorPlace.com, writes that business news network CNBC should have had election coverage on Tuesday night like its competitors.

Reeves writes, “CNBC pretty much threw in the towel in terms of news coverage, opting for Shark Tank reruns instead of covering a midterm election that many saw as a referendum on the current American economy and President Barack Obama’s business and tax policies.

“Remember, the acronym CNBC was born out of the title ‘Consumer News and Business Channel.’ Consumers and businesses had a lot at stake last night, as minimum-wage votes and economic policy debates showed, but the network was missing in action.

“Instead, CNBC continued to push entertainment and reality TV offerings in primetime rather than cover the election.

“That’s in stark contrast to other biz outlets like Bloomberg TV or the Fox Business Network, which dedicated big-time resources to election night. And excuses about the mothership of NBC News covering the vote don’t cut it; Consider FBN anchor Neil Cavuto, who was up late into the night broadcasting live despite the big dog of Fox News offering up its own coverage just a few clicks down the dial.”

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