CNBC hires Sullivan from Fox Business

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7 Responses

  1. David Jones says:

    I watch business news daily. I especially watch Brian Sullivan. Brian is great and
    works best as a sole anchor. Good Luck, Brian, Iwill be watching you now on
    CNBC May 2

    Best Regards,

    David Jones

  2. Cal Borman says:

    I have been watching you since I retired April 2010. I felt like I could take it to the bank things you say and stand for. I will miss you and maybe when I find out what time you’re on, I’ll watch, other wise I won’t because I don’t trust CNBC News to be unbiased.

  3. chul k says:

    what a shock!!!
    I don’t need to change the channel for you.
    keep watching cnbc now.
    hopely see your program pretty soon.
    looking forward to see your great work.

    From astoria.ny.

  4. Gloria Sanders says:

    Please have him stop trying to promote his own views. I find Brian abrasive, self promoting and very hard to take. He does not respect other points of view and he is not appreciated when he insists on having the last word.

    Brian is a bad fit.

  5. Jude says:

    Sorry Brian, but I too find you abrasive and eager to mouth off, instead of listening and respecting the views of guests, particularly those who do not share your views.

    I am optimistic though that you will learn and mellow over time.

  6. Louis Kaufman says:

    As far as I’m concerned, Brian Sullivan should have stayed at Fox Business. I quite honestly find his personality to be “jerky”. He often comes out with “jerky” comments and therefore, my opinion of him, regardless of his credentials, is that he is a first class JERK! I really miss Mark Haines, who had a really great, warm personality. I also miss Erin Burnett, who also had a great personality!

  1. February 5, 2015

    […] bunch of shameless self-promoters not worth listening to. In the most honest of moments CNBC anchor Brian Sullivan recently admitted to such during a live […]

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