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Claman: CNBC made it difficult to leave

May 28, 2008

Anthony Haddad and David Bernard of Equities magazine interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Liz Claman about her career and her decision to leave rival CNBC.

Here is an excerpt:

Liz ClamanEQUITIES: And how did you get to FOX?

Liz Claman: I wanted a change at that point. That was before FOX had announced it would start a business network. When they announced a business network, I found that extremely interesting. I was also grappling with what to do at CNBC. I wanted to make the decision on my own. So I let my contract expire, and I left without knowing where I was going to go.

EQUITIES: Did CNBC try to make it difficult for you to leave?

Liz Claman: They made it difficult in a very nice way. They offered me the world. It’s not so easy to accept the world when I know it’s being offered just because somebody else might want me. Sometimes a guy breaks up with his girlfriend, then when he thinks somebody else might ask her out, he wants her back. Too late.

EQUITIES: A lot of people talk about today’s business news as being infotainment. What are your feelings? Do you look at this as an entertainment show?

Liz Claman: Why else is anybody going to watch it? Trust me, the people at The Wall Street Journal—the august and venerable Wall Street Journal—work very hard to make their headlines and their writing entertaining. It’s not good enough to just throw some ink on a piece of paper and say, “Look at this chart. This should be interesting because it matters.� That doesn’t work anymore.

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