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Changes made to Yakima business section

February 18, 2007

The Yakima Herald-Republic is making changes to its business section, including dropping its broader stock market listings for the Associated Press’ new “Money & Markets” page, wrote editor Sarah Jenkins in Sunday’s paper.

Yakima Herald-RepublicJenkins said, “Right next to the ‘Money & Markets’ page every day will be a page dedicated to everything from local to regional to national business news.

“The truth is, we already publish a great deal of what can be defined as business news — a new store opening, plans for a residential or commercial development, monthly unemployment statistics and what they mean, listings of business licenses and bankruptcies, business people who are promoted or win awards, information about taxes, new CEOs who take over major companies, how immigration policy affects how many people may be available for work, reports on the minimum wage and how state law may change employer-paid benefits.

“But we haven’t routinely packaged it together in a way that lets you know where to look for it.

“That’s what we’re going to try to do a better job of now.

“That doesn’t mean that business news will all be relegated to a business page; that would just be too simple.

“If a major retailer announces it’s opening a location here, that may very well be front-page news. Same thing if a major employer announces it’s going out of business, or some other important news story about one specific business or businesses in general.”

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