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Cavuto’s battle with MS detailed

November 3, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Kate O’Hare of Pop2It.com writes about how Fox Business Network anchor Neil Cavuto battles multiple sclerosis while performing his job.

O’Hare writes, “‘The biggest thing I try to do,’ he says in a voice that has been raspy since MS forced throat surgery a few years ago, ‘is get engaged in my work and not let what I clearly feel in my body slow me down. I’m well aware of the fatigue issue. Given my hours, I don’t need a reminder of that. But I know the havoc it can play — probably you’re hearing it in my voice — and on my nervous system, as it drags on.

“‘But what I find interesting about it — I should write a medical thesis on it — and what I’ve noticed talking to other MS patients, when they’re in the throes of their work … A friend of mine, who’s a corporate attorney, when he’s in the throes of a big project, he somehow is able to marshal the resources to do the job. Then, afterwards, when things calm down, he just collapses. His body just gives way. I’ve had those experiences.

“‘It is a little humbling, because it’s like, I was going and and going and going and then, I get through Election Night, and I get through all the interviews, and I get through everything, and then it’s like my body says, ‘All right, you little effer, I’m through with you.’ And I feel it.

“‘I wish I could marshal whatever cells come into action during the period I’m engaged in something, because either my body chooses to re-prioritize differently or ignore the illness — not that I’m not aware of it — I do wish I could maintain that same physical energy that collapses once the deadline has gone by, and the event has passed.'”

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