Carpe diem, Fox Business

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2 Responses

  1. bjd says:

    Fox News being essentially right wing nutter propaganda, Fox Business has a major credibility problem. I can not see how I could conceivably be persuaded that they would provide an objective viewpoint on anyting. In busines, of course, a non-objective viewpoint is utterly worthless.

  2. Stan Kent says:

    I agree. This is a really brainless article.

    Fox Business News was created with the specific objective of actually being *less anti-business* than CNBC supposedly was. Can you imagine that? I’m not joking. Look up the original publicity. FBN actually thinks CNBC was anti-business.

    Look at its programming: personal finance programs for sub-morons, after-work shows shot at a bar. It’s a joke. It hasn’t figured in the debate over CNBC because it has no viewers and, as bjd said, no credibility.

    For it to take on CNBC with hard-hitting reporting would be a repudiation of its news philosophy and business model.

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