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Canary Media: Mainstream media undercovers climate crisis

September 14, 2021

Posted by Chris Roush

Eric Wesoff, the managing editor at Canary Media, writes about the importance of its mission in covering climate and energy news.

Wesoff writes, “Meanwhile, we’re working on growing our newsroom by bringing on more journalists. We’re adding diversity to our team and coverage areas. We’re expanding to report on more industries, technologies, policy ideas, trends and leaders around the world.

“Mainstream journalism has not caught up to the climate crisis — not even close. Many news outlets rarely cover climate change, and they lapse into doomsday clichés when they do. Reporting on clean energy is sadly sparse and too often portrays the sector as an impractical niche or a set of oddball science projects rather than a global juggernaut that’s already changing how we work, travel and live.

“There’s a better way to cover climate change and the energy transition. Our team at Canary Media is reporting on climate policy wins and losses, holding corporations accountable for their climate pledges, asking tough questions about innovations being touted as magic bullets, and striving to be the newsroom of record for the trillion-dollar decarbonization revolution. As an independent affiliate of the respected nonprofit think tank RMI, a mission-aligned partner, we have a base of support from which to grow in size and ambition.”

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