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BusinessWeek staffers say goodbye

December 1, 2009

A number of BusinessWeek staff members who were let go as part of the magazine’s acquisition by Bloomberg LP took to the blogosphere on Tuesday to say goodbye to readers.

Senior writer Steve Baker wrote, “My career at BusinessWeek, which wraps up tomorrow, was an education. I’d start ignorant, and then learn on the job from sources and colleagues. That’s the great privilege of journalism, and BusinessWeek was the best place imaginable for it. When I was sent from Pittsburgh to Paris to cover technology in 1998, I knew far more about blast furnaces than semiconductors. When I came back to New York four years later as acting technology editor, I’d never worked as an editor or covered technology in the United States. People helped, and picked me up.

“Many of those people are already scattered, and dozens more are leaving with me. I’d say I’ll miss them, but I plan to stay with them on the networks. Why would I ever venture out alone when I have the greatest colleagues? They’re the treasure of my career, and to forgo them at this point would be insane.”

Innovation department editor Reena Jana wrote, “It’s been a huge privilege and honor to report and write about innovation and design for BW for four amazing years. And to have you as readers and, more important, commenters.

“I am grateful for all that BusinessWeek’s brilliant editors and readers — you — have taught me. And I’m looking forward to learning more.

“Please keep the conversation going on BusinessWeek.com! And please read the new Bloomberg BusinessWeek in its many platforms for continuing coverage.”

Chief economist Mike Mandel tells his readers that he will launch a new blog after a month’s hiatus. The new blog will focus on innovation and growth.

Silicon Valley bureau chief Rob Hof writes, “Most of all, I’ve had the chance to work with really smart, dedicated people — including the many sources and readers who took so much time to help educate me. I’m hopeful that BusinessWeek’s new owners, who are clearly an energetic bunch steeped in the same journalistic ethics that kept me at BW, will maintain those standards and also help the colleagues they hired build a new magazine for these new times.

“This isn’t really a farewell, because I expect to be writing on many of the same topics and companies in a variety of other venues.”

Senior writer Steve Hamm had trouble posting his last blog item. He writes, “Today is my last day at BusinessWeek, and I got shut out of the corporate Intranet when I was in the middle of posting the last blog item. Seems fitting. (I got back in via a friend’s log-in.) I’m going to continue blogging on my own at Globespotting.net. I hope to see you there.”

Finally, staffer Lauren Young wrote on her blog: “I feel especially appreciative that I was able to ride the BusinessWeek train for as long as I did. I’m also thankful to McGraw-Hill, which owned BusinessWeek for the past 80 years. The corporation has a commitment to work-life issues, incredible benefits, and an impressive women’s network. A flexible work schedule kept me sane during the past five years. In addition, my BusinessWeek managers and peers were especially supportive during a rough period when my son had seven surgeries. For that, I am eternally grateful.”

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