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Business news a lot like sports

April 3, 2008

Fox Business Network’s Connell McShane talks with the Irish Voice newspaper about how he got interested in business journalism.

Connell McShaneCahir O’Doherty writes, “Fordham was where McShane decided he wanted to pursue broadcasting as a career. He was a natural on the radio and he excelled in play-by-play descriptions of the baseball games he was watching. When he switched to news reporting he found the skills he had picked up in sports essential, and he ended up with a job at Bloomberg straight out of college.

“At first he was working behind the scenes, taking in news feeds, writing and pestering his employers until they put him on the air. They gave him a trial shot at the weekends, where he built up his experience until they gave him a real shot.

“After five years on the radio he switched over seamlessly to television and then last year he joined the fledgling Fox Business Network.

“‘We started from nothing. I’ve been at Bloomberg for eight years on radio and the television and this was just a great chance to start something from the ground up and we’ve built it from there,’ says McShane.

“‘It’s been one of things where we’ve been riding the wave since October to now and it’s been a lot of fun. Once you start it becomes fun doing it. It’s actually like sports in a lot of ways. Like a big game.'”

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