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Building a long-term future for Bloomberg

August 21, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Jasper Jackson of The Media Briefing interviewed Paul Marcum, global head of digital video for Bloomberg Media, about the company’s expansion plans.

Jackson writes, “You might expect a company like Bloomberg to be less obsessed with the youth market than its consumer peers, but Smith’s project is aimed at building a long-term future for Bloomberg (supported in the meantime by that terminal business) and Marcum is keenly aware that growing enthusiasm for web video is going to permeate all parts of the media economy:

“The differences between 14 and 24s, and 25s and 30s and up the scale is just extraordinary. That audience, and we all know this to be true, has embraced video across multiple platforms, and that trend line is not decreasing. That audience is going to be more and more relevant to all publishers including Bloomberg’s business audience.”

“The only thing that comes close to matching the enthusiasm of younger generations for online video is the growing enthusiasm from advertisers for video ads. According to Marcum, that has enabled Bloomberg to develop a strong video ad model based on traditional pre-roll ads (and in the case of live feeds, mid-roll) sold by an in-house team, with ads matched to appropriate types of video using a tagging system:

“In terms of the format, everyone is excited about pre-roll. We have great marketing partners who want to come in for tech and those who want to come in for market updates. It requires an amount of effort to match tags that come out of the production process and match them to the buys. And of course the ad operations team does that well.”

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