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Brennan: Davos is conversations vs. buttoned-up interviews

January 29, 2010

Bloomberg Television anchor Margaret Brennan sent a letter to Silicon Alley Insider about her experience reporting from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, for the first time.

Here is an excerpt:

“For story tellers like me, this is exciting. Where else but here would I get to spend an afternoon with George Soros chatting about this billionaire’s theory of reflexivity, how he thinks there is no alternative to the dollar, that hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds should also be regulated and the new for a new financial model which sitting on a snowy rooftop? Our 30 minute conversation flew by. As a member of the often maligned fourth estate, it is so refreshing to have a conversation instead of a buttoned up interview in a stifling studio.

“It isn’t all champagne and constructive conversation.

“Everyone comes here with an agenda and it may not match the World Economic Forum’s global agenda. Aggression is unleashed in particular when you consider my fellow colleagues of the press. The chasing and the conversations with those who can’t make eye contact because they’re looking for the bigger better deal are the uglier parts of the experience. However, that’s also how you can tell those who’ve made it and have a message from those who are desperate to find one here.”

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