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Bluster at the Dow Jones bargaining table

February 12, 2007

The union that represents business journalists at The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires and Barron’s had a day of negotiating with Dow Jones management on Monday that apparently included some scoffing at the latest proposal.

The Independent Association of Publishers Employees posted an update on its web site Monday afternoon to the negotiations.

In part, it read, “The proposals were met with exactly the kind of ‘bargaining bluster’ you’d expect (including one management team comment that we should count ourselves lucky to be offered 2% wage increases and a doubling of our health premiums.) But, for the record, the company lawyers said they would get back to us at our next meeting later this month.

“We will see what they actually propose.

“Meanwhile, a copy of our latest proposals has been posted, with changes highlighted.

“We offered new ideas in a number of areas, including healthcare, outsourcing, sales commissions, maternity/paternity benefits and child care. To achieve changes in a less disruptive, more gradual way, we suggested a five-year contract.

“We are trying to find a deal that both sides can accept — while protecting us from any more cutbacks in benefits and in real, take-home wages.”

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