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Bloomberg’s TicToc getting 750,000 viewers daily

January 26, 2018

Posted by Chris Roush

TicTocBloomberg’s new Twitter channel TicToc is getting 750,000 viewers daily, reports Lucinda Southern of Digiday.

Southern writes, “According to Bloomberg, TicToc averages 750,000 daily viewers, and 1 million daily views, and plans to reach 2 million daily viewers within the next few months. Since it launched Dec. 18, TicToc has had 50 million tweet impressions. But the publisher said the metric it’s most interested in monitoring is followers of its Twitter account, which currently stand at 119,000.

“‘Twitter is such a fragmented platform; there are so many voices and publishers on it,’ said Scott Havens, global head of digital at Bloomberg Media. ‘As we build our relationship with users, our ability to connect with them is vastly improved if they are following us. The core goal is to drive that number up.’

“The average person spends less than two minutes on Twitter per visit but will return frequently during the day. As such, time spent is not yet a crucial metric. Bloomberg would divulge neither how frequently people return nor the financial terms of its partnership with Twitter due to the platform’s policy.”

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