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Blinder buys Editor & Publisher, talks editorial vision

September 12, 2019

Posted by Erica Thompson

Mike Blinder

Mike Blinder has been a newspaper enthusiast for as long as he can remember. For 20 years, Blinder has helped many newspaper agencies stay afloat. Recently, in a bid to do something further for the newspaper industry, he and his partners bought Editor and Publisher.

Editor and Publisher dates back 135 years and is known as the “bible of the newspaper industry.” The monthly magazine has a paid circulation of about 10,500, catering to newspaper executives and insiders. Blinder wants to expand this audience to include the entire news publishing industry. 

“I was the quintessential road warrior,” Blinder said. “And it sucked.” – So, Blinder will be running the business from his home in Lutz, where he lives with his wife and daughter. The editorial board however, will remain in California.

When asked what changes will be brought to the famous magazine, this is what Blinder had to say, “We will be adding podcasts and launching a brand new website in about a month. I also want to be more than just a print publication, a website and email newsletters. I want to get more voices out there representing our brand. We’ll start next month by adding recorded five-minute industry updates that anyone can get using voice assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google.”

He concluded with, “I think there’s going to be some rough roads ahead, but when all the dust settles, local journalism will still be there. It’s essential to our society.”

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