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Biz media miss the obvious with Dell

February 10, 2007’s Marek Fuchs wants to know why the business press coverage of Michael Dell returning to the CEO spot of his computer company elicited no coverage about how easy it’s going to be for him to turn the company around.

Marek FuchsFuchs wrote, “Recently, Dell announced a return to the head spot at his company, and the business media spent an entire week describing his return as a matter of serendipity: Dell, they wrote in their universal drone, had finally grown tired of the bad earnings performance and somehow awoke one morning transformed into someone who wanted to take matters into his own once-capable hands.

“Their limited ability to think critically was spent on the bleedingly obvious by saying that Dell, capable or not, would have a tough time turning Dell around.

“Like, duh.

“Finally, on Monday, The Business Press Maven decided he would rather be hacked apart by a pickax than read one more of these stories. None framed Dell as the master of business timing that he was, who left his company the moment his troubles began and came back essentially the day that Vista, Microsoft’s operating system that was undoubtedly going to lead to a spurt in computer sales, was released.

“Put that in your serendipity and smoke it.”

Read more here. Fuchs argues that the business media should be able to realize that Vista means more sales of computer hardware, which means good times for Dell.

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