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Biz media forget about Nardelli's problems at Home Depot

August 7, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

TheStreet.com’s Marek Fuchs writes that the coverage being bestowed upon new Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli seems to be using revisionist history about his time as Home Depot’s CEO.

Marek FuchsFuchs wrote, “So how did the business media cover his appointment to lead Cerberus Capital Management’s Chrysler, one that many will be watching to gauge the ultimate fate of the troubled American auto industry? Well, to forgive these following sins, I’m going to need a spiritual implant.

“Forbes referred to Nardelli’s leading Home Depot through ‘a period of explosive growth, including expansion in Mexico and China.’

“Through a period of explosions, shareholders and store customers would probably accept as more accurate. But in this article, which was called somewhat prematurely Nardelli Makes Comeback With Chrysler (he has comeback in terms of resume filler, but if he runs Chrysler into a ditch like he did Home Depot, it won’t quite qualify as one), there is no mention of Home Depot’s stock price, store troubles or inability to capitalize on a boom every Lowe’s and their brother did.”

Read more here for other examples of bad coverage.

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