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Biz media doing good job, but needs to examine new angles

September 22, 2008

Dean Starkman of the Columbia Journalism Review talked on the “On the Media” radio show about coverage of the Wall Street turmoil in the business media, and said that while the business press is doing a great job, it needs to examine its preconceived notions.

Here is an excerpt:

Market crashBOB GARFIELD: The government, as you’ve said, has for now more than two decades deregulated in support of the vaunted free market. How do we cover that question from this point forward?

DEAN STARKMAN: I would urge, I guess, that business reporters and editors sort of rethink some of the assumptions that they grew up with as they entered the business. And I was part of it. I said at some point that if you gave a typical business reporter a lie detector test they would have a positive response to words like, you know, the market and trade and those types of things, and have a negative reaction to regulation and government program and government, in general.

Going forward, you know, I hope that business reporters at least understand that there are other points of view.

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