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Asking the question again if they don't answer

May 17, 2011

Posted by Chris Roush

Eric Bolling, host of Fox Business Network’s “Follow The Money,” talked with  managing editor Leslie Stone of Opportunist magazine about how he made the switch from being a trader to covering the markets and other issues.

Here is an excerpt:

Opportunist: How do you handle guests who skirt the issues or refuse to answer your questions?

Eric: Keep asking and call them out! Politicians hate to be called out on air — even those who see things exactly as I do. I’ll say, “Hey senator or congressman, you just said you want to cut the deficit but you’ve given me no examples of how you’re going to do it. If you’re on TV telling me you are going to cut the deficit, you need to tell me how. Sometimes they will come up with something and sometimes they won’t.

We do a segment every Tuesday night with the mayor of Lansing, Mich. He’s very union-friendly and pro-autoworkers and steel workers. Our discussions get very heated and intense. We just go at it! He blames Wall Street, and I blame the unions.

Opportunist: Has anyone ever been apprehensive about appearing on your show?

Eric: Frankly, yes, there are several instances where we tried to book a guest for a second round and when the people handling their schedule realized it was my show they declined because it was too hard the first time. Maybe that’s why I take heat — for being too tough or obnoxious — but as long as we get the information out, that’s all good.

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