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Are journalists replacing influencers?

December 6, 2019

Posted by Mariam Ahmed

Various studies have shown that there is a deteriorating level of trust in influencers globally. In light of this trend, the 2019 Global Comms Report “The Path to Progress,” highlighted some notable shifts in the influencer space.

The report saw that although journalists were under attack for citing and reporting “fake news,” 60 percent of the respondents choose mainstream journalists among their top three most powerful influencers in terms of impacting consumer behavior.

Additionally, 57 percent of respondents claimed that Instagram continues to be the most significant social media channel, hence, ranking it among their top three, whereas, 22 percent claimed that it’s their number one choice.

The report also went on to say that people are increasingly seeking engagement with those who are providing meaning in their lives. Hence, as long as journalists provide that truth, their role as an influencer will remain with the people.

For example, Buzzfeed, once infamous for listicles, has more recently focused its effort on delivering investigative journalism to connect with readers.

Truth, clarity and information are increasingly gaining value in people’s lives. Hence, any brand or news network must incorporate these elements in what they share and report in order to continue to maintain relevance and connect with their audience.

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