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April 10, 2008

Trevor Davis of the Oregon Daily Emerald writes Thursday about University of Oregon economics professor Mark Thoma and his blog The Economist’s View, which aims to educate financial journalists on the economy.

Mark ThomaDavis writes, “Although Thoma doesn’t do any original reporting, he says he serves as a filter to point people to credible sources. Thoma does sometimes add his own commentary. Fellow economics professor Tim Duy, author of his own monthly economic index in Oregon, sometimes writes pieces on the blog.

“‘People get a lot of he said, she said from CNN and other places that doesn’t really do a lot of good,’ Thoma said. ‘There’s not a lot of journalism there, and whole lot of talking heads who tend to yell at each other.’

“When Thoma adds his opinion to an article, he says his commentary helps discipline reporters.

“‘It gives us a way of checking on the reporters, and I think it’s made a big difference,’ Thoma said. ‘They listen to our messages and hear what we’re saying. It helps shape their story.'”

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