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April 14, 2009

Walt Belcher of the Tampa Tribune writes Tuesday about the “Wealth Track,” a PBS show featuring Consuelo Mack that he dubs as respectable and civilized and designed to develop investment skills in anyone.

Belcher writes, “She says her New York-based PBS series is designed to expose viewers to a wide range of financial advice on making investments in stocks, bonds, insurance, annuities, real estate and even collectibles.

“‘I put on guests who aren’t often seen on financial networks to discuss what is happening in the economy and what the future might hold,’ she says. ‘These are tough economic times, but they should pass and our economy will recover.’

“Each program covers the major financial developments of the week with input from three guests. The goal, Mack says, is to hear ‘the best people in the field share ideas on how the viewer can build wealth and protect it.’

“This week, for example, two experts in behavioral finance — Yale professor and ‘Irrational Exuberance’ author Robert Shiller and MIT professor and hedge fund manager Andrew Lo — will discuss where the money will be made in the new financial landscape. Respected economist Nancy Lazar of ISI Group will discuss global economies.”

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