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Aiming for young business news viewers

December 4, 2007

Posted by Chris Roush

Young Money managing editor Daniel Jimenez interviewed Fox Business Network anchor Jenna Lee about the launch of the new business cable network and how it’s catering to different viewers.

Here is an excerpt:

Young MoneyHow did you get interested in business journalism?

I first got interested in business journalism because of my job in college. I worked at the gym, and that led to my first corporate job when I got out of school through KSL Properties, where I was a director of operations. I really learned a lot about business from the ground up. I had to manage a huge budget. I had 130 employees that I was responsible for, and I managed a big facility. So that background propelled me into business journalism because I had that know-how, that insider view of the business world that helped me later on become a better journalist.

Business news channels have not really catered to the younger demographic in the past. Why should young adults watch FOX Business?

The perspective at FOX Business is not necessarily to talk at you but to talk with you no matter your age as a viewer. When I was in college, I felt left out of some of these conversations because of my age. Here at FOX Business, we’re not looking at the age of our viewer as a determinant of whether or not we want to have a conversation with them. What we realize here is that living in the United States or even beyond the United States, being a part of this economy, participating in it as a student, as someone who is working and going after your dreams, that there’s a real place for you in the business world too and we want to include you in that.

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