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A visit to Happy Hour

August 16, 2008

Ben Atkinson of the New York Press sat in on the Fox Business Network show “Happy Hour,” which is taped from the Bull and Bear bar at the Waldorf Astoria.

Happy HourAtkinson writes, “The Bull and Bear isn’t your average neighborhood bar (it’s in the Waldorf), and it looks like the sort of place high-ranking suits meet to socialize and make deals. And having a young, attractive female host in a boob-revealing top and f-me boots probably helps get their hearts pumping faster than the trading floor.

“The hosts Cody Willard (principal of CL Willard Capital and best friend of Neil Patrick Harris, yes Doogie Houser), Rebecca Gomez (the hottie) and contributor Eric Bolling (commodity trader and 1984 Pittsburg Pirate draft pick) make up a cast with a lot of chemistry, spewing  out stock market facts and tips while using drink references the whole way through. ‘Happy Hour’ gets a large spectrum of guests (mainly economists and CEOs), but celebrities get face time as well.

“When I was in attendance the other night the General Scales was interviewed about Russia’s involvement in Georgia and how the crisis will most likely raise gas prices. Then the show shifted to America’s foreclosure crisis as they brought on a NJ sheriff to talk about a recent police stand off with a man who refused to let his 88-year-old grandfather lose his home.”

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