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September 19, 2014

Posted by Chris Roush

Capital New York spoke with CNBC‘s Kayla Tausche about the new show “Squawk Alley” that she co-anchors.

He is an excerpt:

CAPITAL: “Squawk Alley” launched a couple of months ago. What was appealing to you about having a show that focuses on the business of technology?

TAUSCHE: Part of it was how much we felt technology companies are influencing the broader economy. Apple eclipsing ExxonMobil as the single biggest company here in the U.S. was quite a milestone, and then just the size and heft of companies like Google and Yahoo and Netflix and Amazon, we just found ourselves covering these companies far more than other sectors that are a little more traditional, not to mention some of the feedback and viewer mail we were getting, just really steered us to a lot of those companies. And also, there is just so much influence being wielded by Silicon Valley on the east coast right now. Everything from Washington’s handling of the N.S.A., as well as Apple launching a new iPhone. These events can move billions of dollars in the stock market and it seems as if the East Coast and West Coast are merging in some respects, so we felt like we needed a little bit more from a content perspective, to match what our audience was looking for.

CAPITAL: Have there been any stories that you have worked on for the show that stand out as something that you think exemplifies what the show is about?

TAUSCHE: We launched almost right after Alibaba filed to go public, and being a corporate finance and capital markets reporter by trade, to me it has been the Summer of Alibaba, and following every single move and machination by that company. I think once Friday happens, and the company starts trading, then I will be able to go through some of the other stories on my to-do list that I have been really wanting to cover.

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