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A busy day for Claman

January 21, 2010

Joseph Perone of The Newark Star-Ledger interviewed Fox Business Network‘s Liz Claman about her job and how she juggles work and being a mom.

Here is an excerpt:

Q. What is a typical day like?

A. I’ll get up at 5:15 a.m and go to the gym, get back home and try and get the kids ready. Look at the Google calendar, which has everybody’s schedules on it, whether it’s violin, hockey or chess or me going to Vegas for a trade show. My husband and I take turns taking Gabrielle to school, and our nanny takes our youngest to school. I go to work at 9:20 a.m., rush in, hair, makeup, and hit the computer to see the business websites. I do stock market cut-ins around 1:15 for Fox affiliates in Los Angeles. I rush to the green room by 1:30 and do three hours of shows. After I get off the set, I do a Fox affiliate hit for WNYW in New York. Then I come up and answer e-mails and do my son’s school lunch menu.

Q. How much do you travel?

A. I’ll hit Las Vegas three times a year, Omaha (headquarters for Berkshire-Hathaway) two or three times, Los Angeles five times, Silicon Valley three times. I’m going to Switzerland next week for five days.

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