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A biz journalist turns 50 — and looks back at 25

June 20, 2012

Posted by Chris Roush

Chuck Jaffe, a columnist for Marketwatch.com, writes about turning 50 last week and his goals in business journalism when he was 25.

Jaffe writes, “I would not say I was an insightful 25-year-old. At the time, I was a business reporter for the St. Petersburg Times in Florida, I was married but had no children and, apparently, I was convinced that I was going to be an ink-stained wretch in the newspaper business for life. My goals seem mostly focused on work and achievement; quite frankly, I’m disappointed at how shallow they were.

“I expected to be a high-level manager at a paper by age 50, with a healthy college-savings fund and a start on my own retirement savings.

“My career was plotted out; it’s vividly unclear how I expected to achieve peace of mind or balance work with family.

“Life changed that.

“Before I ever got to age 35, it was obvious to me that I didn’t want to stay on the executive track. By the time I was 40, it was becoming clear that the newspaper business was changing so dramatically that I had to consider some alternative, such as going to a business Web site. It was also clear that the stock market had stopped doing investors big favors and that income growth was going to stall in my chosen business.”

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