How Wired magazine lost $100,000 in bitcoin

Louise Matsakis of Wired magazine writes about how the publication garnered about $100,000 in bitcoin in 2013 after receiving a mining device and then promptly destroyed how to retrieve them. Matsakis writes, “Wired’s miner essentially won the Bitcoin math lottery a couple of times, allowing it to generate a little over 12 coins into the […]

Wired senior editor Dorment leaves for Men’s Health

Wired senior editor Richard Dorment has been hired as editor in chief of Men’s Health. He had been with Wired since June 2016. Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke of WWD reports, “This is a return to Hearst, which acquired Men’s Health from Rodale in January, for Dorment. Prior to his two-year stint at Wired, Dorment was a senior editor at Esquire under longtime […]

Wired hires Goode from The Verge as senior writer

The Verge senior tech editor Lauren Goode has been hired by Wired magazine as a senior gear writer. She starts in early April and will be writing online and in print, as well as developing a new video series Prior to becoming a senior editor at The Verge, Goode was managing editor of consumer tech […]

Wired editor Thompson denies using information from job interview

Wired editor Nicholas Thompson denied using information from a job interview last year with Mashable deputy teach editor Michael Nuñez in his cover story this month on Facebook, reports Michael Calderone of Politico. Calderone writes, “Nuñez interviewed with Thompson for a job at Wired in late April 2017 and told me they discussed his Gizmodo […]

Wired launching new sections, including long form, behind paywall

Wired magazine’s website has launched three new sections that will only be available with a subscription. A story on its website states, “To that end, we want to announce three new programs we’re launching with the paywall. First, we’re happy to introduce the all-new Backchannel — a home for our most ambitious digital long-form journalism. […]

Wired’s paywall has begun

Eric Johnson of Recode writes about how Wired magazine’s paywall has begun. Johnson writes, “‘You can read whatever you want, but if you read five stories in a month, we ask you to please pay us,’ Wired Editor in Chief Nick Thompson said on the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka. “Once Wired […]

What the kids of Wired editor Nick Thompson think of his work

Wired magazine editor in chief Nicholas Thompson posted the following on LinkedIn: 7-year-old: “When you call people for your job, what are you doing?” Me: “Well some of it is calling people I work with and some of it is reporting.” 7-year-old: “What’s reporting?” Me: “It’s trying to figure out information and stories. You find […]

Matsakis joins Wired as a staff writer

Louise Matsakis has joined Wired magazine as a staff writer in New York. Her first day was Monday. Matsakis writes predominantly about technology and the internet. She’s mostly interested in major tech companies such as Apple and Google, cyberlaw, the automation of social media, and online communities. She used to be an editor at Motherboard, VICE Media’s technology and science site. […]

Wired will introduce in a paywall in January

Wired is planning to introduce a paywall in January, part of a business and editorial reboot that will help protect the 24-year-old tech title as print revenue in the magazine industry continues to decline, reports Benjamin Mullin of The Wall Street Journal. Mullin writes, “Wired has not yet set a price for its paywall, Mr. […]

Wired revamps mobile site to improve page speed

Wired magazine is revamping its mobile site in a bid to improve its page speed, reports Ross Benes of Digiday. Benes writes, “Today, Wired is introducing a so-called Progressive Web App, which is a Google-backed protocol that lets web developers build mobile sites that load quickly like an app. Wired plans to make it available […]