Former Vedomosti journalists launch new media outlet

Ex-Vedomosti senior editors and journalists are launching a new media project, “VTimes,” with the aim to continue Vedomosti’s tradition of independent journalism and editorial objectivity, reports The Moscow Times. “More than ever before Russia needs independent sources of information that can be trusted and platforms for the free exchange of opinions and professional expertise,” Alexander […]

Senior editors of Russian biz newspaper resign

Senior editors at Russia’s leading business newspaper quit Monday in protest against what they say is censorship under new ownership, reports Anna Smolchenko of Agence France Presse. Smolchenko reports, “In an open letter published by The Bell, an independent Russian-language news site, all five editors said they were leaving after Shmarov was confirmed as editor-in-chief. […]

New editor proposed at top Russian business newspaper

Staff at Russian business newspaper Vedomosti have rebelled against current editor-in-chief Andrei Shmarov after his decisions “ignited a censorship scandal at the leading independent publication,” reports The Moscow Times. Shmarov was appointed after Vedomosti’s previous owner announced its sale this spring. Writers and editors at the newspaper have named candidate Anfisa Voronina to replace Shmarov […]