Business media and the stock market’s Marek Fuchs had an interesting column on Wednesday about the relationship between the business media, the stock market and investors. Fuchs wrote, “If you have learned anything from The Business Press Maven, it is that the business media provide a running commentary of conventional thought. Get caught up in it and you’re in trouble. […] wants to boost site traffic

Amanda Fung of Crain’s New York Business writes that business news and investing web site needs to increase its site traffic to catch up with other online financial news sites. Her story was partially based on an interview with Steven Elkes, the site’s new executive vice president of mergers and acquisitions. Fung wrote, “The […]

Making fun of the WSJ's "What's News" box’s Marek Fuchs is a bit sarcastic in his tone Monday about an item he saw in the Wall Street Journal’s “What’s News” box on the front page. Fuchs wrote, “In the ‘What’s News‘ section of The Wall Street Journal’s front page, the paper’s top editors — those hard-bitten souls who have seen all there […]

Barron's profile of Home Depot CEO falls into old trap of biz journalism’s Marek Fuchs critiques the profile of new Home Depot CEO Frank Blake in the latest issue of Barron’s and comes away with the impression that it’s a story that would have been right at home in the 1990s, when business journalists were making rock stars out of CEOs. Fuchs wrote, “If you ever read […]

Premature prognostication by biz media’s Marek Fuchs writes that the business media often makes predictions about the economy and other matters before all of the facts are known. Fuchs wrote, “The major symptom of this is a quick trigger … for making predictions of either great or terrible turns in markets. “That’s right, all you amateur business media critics […]

Blodget wonders if Cramer's career is crippled

Disgraced former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget writes that “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer may have hurt his media career by saying on a recent video that he manipulated stocks while he was managing a hedge fund and that investors used business journalists to influence stock prices. Blodget, who has been feuding with Cramer recently, […]

Another example of biz journalists not understanding numbers’s Marek Fuchs writes on yet another example of business journalists writing about numbers that they don’t seem to understand. The example comes from Monday’s New York Times, and the story is about newspaper advertising. As Fuchs points out, the positive number in the story — advertising revenue from newspaper web sites — is not […] looking for acquisitions?

By naming an executive vice president of mergers and acquisitions online financial and business news site seems to be signaling that it’s looking to make deals to expand its operations. Steven Elkes was named the New York-based company’s first chief revenue officer and executive vice president of mergers and acquisitions, according to this release. […]

Biz media faces the music’s Marek Fuchs writes Friday that the business media’s coverage of Starbucks annual meeting showed how well an executive can get journalists to write what he or she wants. Instead of focusing on the issues at Starbucks outlined in a recent memo from chairman Howard Schultz, the business media decided to write about the coffee […]

More on Cramer spouting off

USAToday’s Matt Krantz takes a look Friday at “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer talking on a videocast on about how he manipulated stocks and how business journalists are used by investors. (Note that Cramer back away from many of his statements Thursday.) Krantz wrote, “Cramer didn’t return messages left with CNBC or multiple e-mails […]